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Behind The Lens


Meet Jorie

Hello! My name is Jorie, pronounced JOR-EE.

I am an enneagram three wing four, AKA “the professional”. I have been trained by some of the most talented and incredible photographers in the DFW area. My images have been featured in numerous national magazines, I have received awards for my photography, and have been reposted on many photography sites. 

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think”

– Ephesians 3:20 NLT


PC: Kristin Bearden Photography



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Frequently asked

Is the drive time between locations part of the shoot time?

No. The drive time between locations is not a part of the shoot time. I understand traveling from place to place takes some time, the time you pay for is the time spent taking photos.

do you style clients?

Yes! I love helping style clients. After you have booked your shoot, I send a variety of color palletes, links to affordable outfits/shoes, and will even come shopping with you if you ask. 

are shoots awkward?

Honestly, yes! At the very beginning photoshoots tend to be stiff, but by the end of our time together we will be best friends! I bring a bunch of fun props (hats, kimonos, jewelry, etc.), a speaker so we can jam out, and usually sweet treats for after the shoot to reward younger kiddos.

does the whole family have to take pics?

Nope! I have a bunch of parents that do family portrait sessions with just their kids. This tends to reduce stress and help with planning outfits.

what is your turn around time?

48-72 hours. I will not procrastinate editing! You will have your pictures back ASAP.

outfit colors you recommend?

Neutral and muted colors. My images are soft and warm, I prefer clients to wear softer colors. Key words when looking for outfits “neutral” and “bohemian.”

Is a cap and gown considered an outfit?

No, it is not!

what is a client wardrobe?

A client wardrobe is offered for certain JBP sessions. The wardrobe has one size fits all outfits that are temporairly available to select clients. All outfits are sanitized and washed between uses. Items from the client wardrobe can also be bought if you fall in love with the outfit after your shoot.

are your prices negotiable?

I am flexible with prices as long as it has been discussed with me several days before the shoot. I totally understand that some can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on portraits. 

do you recommend professional hamu?

Yes times 100! Professional hair and makeup takes your portraits to a whole new level. I have a list of HAMU artists that I have personally worked with that I recommend.

can boys get senior pics taken?

Yes, for sure! Senior portraits are not just for girls.

what do you NOT edit?

I will NEVER edit the shape of someone’s body! This is a big no for me. I am a huge believer in accepting your body and treating it with love. I will not alter someone’s physical appearance. I DO use presets that alter colors, but they will not change the shape of your body.