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Frequently asked

turn around time for sports images?

My turn around time for sports photography is way longer than my turnaround time for anything else. I would say anywhere between 3-5 business days.

how long do you stay at each event?

This depends on the agreement made between me and the client. Once I only stayed at a game for the first ten minutes the athlete played. Though I have stayed at a three hour game as well. I am flexible, but the price does increase depending on how long I am at the sporting event.

what is your favorite sport to photograph?

BASEBALL! BASEBALL! BASEBALL! Both of my brothers play select baseball, and I am passionate about watching them play! Because of my love for my brothers, I automatically associate them with the sport. 

where do you go for sports images?

Wherever the game is at as long as it is a reasonable distance away.

what isd’s will you take pictures of?

Any ISD within a 30 mile radius of Frisco, TX.

what do you wear to games?

If I am shooting for my school, of course I will sport some school spirit. If not, I usually wear neutral colors or all black.